What People Are Saying

“Cheema Motors was a great choice for a first time buyer like myself. Very friendly and helpful to find the perfect fit. Walked on the lot and they had lots of great choice in affordable price ranges. Found my perfect car in the matter of an hour and drive off the lot to start my next journey.”

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee / Loveland, Colorado

“I was quite leery of used car dealers and salespeople. This place is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I asked why I should buy from them as opposed to craigslist. I was told they have every single vehicle checked out by a top mechanic. So I actually went to the mechanic, he said he's been a mechanic for over 32 years and had never met a dealer with more integrity then Ike at Cheema motors. If there is a problem with a car, Ike either sends it back to auction, or has the mechanic fix it thoroughly! I learned that most dealers do the absolute minimum to make a buck, and even the mechanic says that this is the only used car dealer he would ever buy a vehicle from - in fact he did!! Ike, the owner also proved to me that his prices are less than or equal to anything on craigslist - except all of his cars have had a thorough and full evaluation from a top mechanic!! Get this... rather than doing a trade in, he actually told me to sell my car on CL because I would net more money! Oh wait, one more thing, when I purchased the car, I also got a warranty - a good one at that. I had no idea used car dealers would have such a thing!!! Myself, my family, my friends will always be completely loyal to this honest man and company!!!!!!! Thank you Cheema Motors, I am a grateful and fully satisfied customer!!”

Derek Filkins
2010 Mercedes-Benz GL / Fort Collins, CO

“I had a great experience at Cheema Motors! They were so helpful throughout the whole process. They encouraged me to test drive multiple cars so that I would feel comfortable and confident moving forward to buy a car. Their customer service is fantastic and they made the entire progress simple and efficient. I would definitely recommend stopping by Cheema Motors in your car search!”

Saylor Webb
2013 Ford Edge/Fort Collins, CO

“Small family owed business that was soooooo polite! Was making my first car purchase was a breeze and they definitely gave me comfort of mind, they definitely are there for their customers!! Reasonably priced too!”

Alesha Pettit
2011 Ford Fusion / Nunn, CO

“I recently purchased a vehicle from Cheema Motors and really enjoyed the experience! They are a family owned operation, local here in Fort Collins. My purchase went smoothly and quickly and I really appreciated the honest and straight forward dealing. I had identified a few issues with the car that we quickly resolved and I was even given a great contact to a local mechanic. I will use Cheema Motors in the future for both making a purchase and even selling one of my own vehicles. Great people!!”

Chris Smithhisler
2012 MINI Cooper Hardtop

“Cheema Motors really is the pinnacle of small independent car dealerships. I had an amazing time buying a car from them today. Customer service was beyond excellent from start to finish. Whatu2019s really impressive is that their business is only a 2-person venture, and yet they were able to accomplish so much. Quick response rate, awesome financing options, and concierge level customer and car care. I really donu2019t know how they do it, but they absolutely deserve a shout-out for how easy, straightforward, transparent, and personable their approach is.”

Brandon Weigand
Ford Escape

“I bought my first used car when I was quite young and desperate for a vehicle. I rushed into the first dealership I found online, alone and without even a minute of research or planning. Unsurprisingly, I went home with an unremarkable car and a staggering monthly payment. Years later, I came to Cheema Motors much better prepared but no less wary. I was surprised and delighted by Ike & Laviu2019s courtesy and commitment to a happy, thoughtful car buying experience. They answered my questions, allowed me ample time alone with each car I looked at, and never pushed me into making a deal. They are friendly, transparent, patient, accommodating, and obviously take pride in their business: they have all the comforts of a corporate dealership but none of the artifice. I also appreciate that theirs is a family-owned and operated small business (one of two). I highly recommend Cheema Motors: I love my new-to-me car. They will take excellent care of you. Thank you, Ike & Lavi!”

Madi Hester
Nissan Sentra / Fort Collins, CO

“Let me start by saying, I have always bought from private parties, because my trust in used car dealers is less then zero. Cheema Motors has been the exception to the rule! My wife found a vehicle she liked, so we checked it out and ended up buying it. Great car, great price. Nothing but great customer service, honesty, straight forward pricing and service, and no dealer fees. Iu2019m impressed and we will be back!”

Caleb Knobel

“Excellent dealer! They have a good inventory of car at great price. The customer service is the best, they make me feel like family and help me a lot. This was my first car I bought in the US, and the staff help me to find a car insurance and with the car registration process. 100% recommended!”

Michael Hernandez

“Look I will just say it up front, Cheema motors is the antithesis of the typical car dealership. They are simply amazing. I never thought the best car buying experience I ever had would be at a small use car dealership, but it was. Buying a vehicle is already one of the most stressful decisions most people make. As a car designer who loves cars, I despise the process of buying them because it can get so messy, and so tricky. Add to that that the high pressure, slime ball salespeople, changing payment schemes, fees and uncertainty about what you are getting, and there is a reason that used car dealerships get a bad rap. But Cheema motors is NONE of that. They literally are the complete opposite and they work really hard to ensure that the customer is taken care of, that the customer feels good about the purchase, that the customer is happy. Our story starts in eastern Europe of all places. Our 2002 Ford Explorer was starting to show signs of itu2019s age and I wanted to get my wife into something newer and safer. Her bother who was working in eastern europe found a wonderful little Ford Escape through a listing on Car Gurus. The car was at Cheema motors. When my wife asked if we could go see it, I was dreading the experience. But we needed a new car. When we got to Cheema Motors, Ike (one of the co owners) came out and said u201ctake your time, look at the vehicles, let me know if you have any questionsu201d. He didnu2019t come bother us and try to sell us on the features - instead he was totally chill. We asked to test drive the Escape and when we asked if we could take it up to Horsetooth Reservoir he was completely ok with it. He said u201cYou do what you need to feel ok about your decisionu201d which was so different from past experiences. Long story short we decided it was the right car for us. When we asked about trading in our Explorer, Ike was totally transparent with us about what he could offer us and why he could only offer that much. He encouraged us to sell privately, which we did. When I asked him if we could have our mechanic look at it, he was totally ok with it. Now here is where things get interesting - our mechanic found a puncture in one of the tires and on my way back to Cheema Motors the tire decided to go. I was extremely embarrassed, but made the call to Ike to inform him of what was going on. A few minutes later he was there, to help, but luckily a mobile tire repair guy showed up just before. We got the spare on, and got the vehicle back to the dealership. Once back he said u201clook, I know you were this close, but Iu2019ll make it rightu201d. And right he did. When it came to financing, Lavie went above and beyond to set us up with an incredible bank, financing plan, and deal. I was stunned. There was no BS. No pressure. No fees. No disrespect. No insulting. No unreasonable haggling. There was just great salesmanship, amazing professionalism, and a huge amount of something that lacks in sales these days, compassion and understanding. So if you are looking for a place to buy a used car, you cannot go wrong here. You just canu2019t. The team at Cheema is amazing. They go above and beyond, and they are truly great, genuine people running a great business. I cannot recommend them highly enough. And no, I wasnu2019t paid or bribed to write this. Iu2019m writing this because my experience was genuinely that good!”

Nyko de Peyer
Ford Escape - Fort Collins, CO 11/06/20

“They treated me like family. I am 8 months pregnant and even brought my 6 and 3 year olds with to test drive a meticulously maintained used vehicle and walked out less than 2 hours total having bought the vehicle. (I also have to mention that staff even provided drinks and snacks for my kids to keep things calm!) Awesome customer service, very transparent and clear communication. Vehicle is still running beautifully. We will definitely be returning when we need another quality used vehicle. Highly recommend!”

Melissa Pennington
Windsor, CO

“Such a great team!!! My daughter found exactly the car she wanted. What a fantastic experience we had! We were treated incredibly fairly. Iu2019ve never had such a relaxing car buying experience. They helped us arrange financing without a fuss. Found out that they donu2019t charge any dealer handling fee! $0 I would recommend them to everyone!”

Jody Lodice
Fort Collins, CO

“I am in the market for a new vehicle for my lighting business. I have certain requirements and am looking for a pretty specific van. Iu2019ve browsed a few different dealerships in the FoCo area and either felt like I wasnu2019t taken seriously or was being talked into something I wouldnu2019t be %100 happy with. The team at Cheema Motors immediately made me feel welcome and were more concerned with finding the perfect vehicle for me rather than filling a quota or getting a commission. I even had a pleasant, though off topic, conversation about motorcycles with Ike, the owner. It was like talking with an old friend. They didnu2019t have my ideal van on lot but are actively searching for the perfect fit for me and I am confident they will find my diamond in the rough (itu2019s almost like having my own personal car finder). I canu2019t imagine buying a vehicle from anywhere else now. I feel like Iu2019m part of the Cheema family. I wholeheartedly recommend Cheema to any and everyone searching for any car, truck, van, etc. Especially if you are jaded or upset with the tricks and tactics of most other dealerships. Cheema Motors is truly a cut above the rest! I wish I could give more than 5 stars :)”

Benoit Warren
Steamboat Springs, CO

“Love Cheema Motors--great inventory and friendly, knowledgeable staff. I enjoyed the safe buying and relaxed, no pressure atmosphere, which is generally hard to come by at a car dealership. Cheema will definitely be my first stop for any future car purchases!”

Tonya Bunch
Fort Collins. CO

“I found a great truck with no rust and no oil leaks here and I also got to meet, in my opinion and 2 weeks of experience with salesmen from fort Collins to Denver, the best salesman in northern Colorado. Ray was honest, positive, easy to understand, and most importantly, thorough with the whole process even on a Friday at close. He didn't cut corners, he worked with me on the price due to things I was able to point out about the vehicle and did not try any sketchy things that most businesses can try to do. I've worked for wells Fargo bank for 3 years and I really appreciated the level of detail he went into with all of the loan documents. If I had to look for another vehicle, this is where I would go first.”

Roberto Ortiz
Colorado Springs, CO

“My sister went through Cheema to purchase a car and they treated our family so nicely. We would recommend Cheema to anyone looking for a vehicle!”

Sierra Ellis

“Fair pricing with no dealer handling fees. The customer service is great, no pressure to buy and safety inspections are included”

Justin Kass
Fort Collins, CO

“I would highly recommend this dealership! If you're looking to buy a vehicle from kind and generous people who truly care about their customers, this is the perfect place! With fair prices and a knowledgable staff, Cheema Motors provides a great experience and is a great place to buy your next car!”

Lauren Compton
Denver, CO

“Very pleased with the vehicle we got. Glen was wonderful and got us in a car that never dreamed we could get. Thank you guys for helping us get our dream car”

Lindsay Reece

“I was there today and spend time with Glenn. Very helpful and friendly. They'll get my business for sure. Thank you”

Andre Augat
Fort Morgan, CO

“They are very helpful and professional. We have worked with car dealerships in the past and have been very disappointed in the experience and the quality of vehicles. This is not the case here. I have never been more impressed by their care for the customer and ended up with a beautiful car. I would absolutely recommend this dealership.”

Ashley Parr
Fort Collins, CO

“Glenn was very helpful with the whole process. The prices were extremely reasonable, and it was a non pressure environment. It was definitely nice to do business with them!”

Cassi Heckman
Windsor, CO

“Great friendly staff! We bought a couple vehicles from them they made it very easy and painless. We will definitely go back to them if we need to get any more cars. Thank you guys so much we love our suburban and f150.”

Charlie Reese
Fort Collins, CO

“Great folks and wonderful customer service! I never felt pressured to buy or like I was wasting their time, as I did at other dealerships. The staff had a very relaxed attitude and treated me with a respect that is so rare these days. I have recommended them to everyone I know and would definitely buy from Cheema again. Thanks for the most fantastic experience I've ever had buying a car!!!”

Tracy Lieske
Cheyenne, WY

“Never been more respected or informed of the truth with any other car dealership. Their prices are accurate if not even lower than NADA. Calls were returned promptly and customer service was astounding. When I am able to purchase another used vehicle, I will make sure to stop by Cheema Motors first.”

Kyle Berry
Greeley, CO

“Recently purchased an Acura at Cheema Motors Co. in Fort Collins. All around great experience! They are prompt with communication as I called a few times for various things. I eventually arrived towards the end of the day and they allowed me to take as much time as I needed, even after closing time, looking and test driving. We agreed on a price for the car that was fair, and I drove the Acura off the lot that night. Would definitely recommend Cheema Motors Co. to anyone buying a car”

Mike Long
Fort Collins, CO

“Cheema motors is definitely one of the best used car lots in the Northern Colorado area. They have a great selection and are very knowledgeable about each vehicle. Great quality and even better prices!”

Alex Therrien
Firestone, CO

“Great staff honest non-pushy very nice atmosphere Very welcoming The minute you walk in the door they offered us waters coffee even donuts and snacks. We were very happy with our experience we love the car we love the staff I highly recommend this place for a used car.. We will be back!!!Thank you Guys..”

Luis Ortiz
Longmont, CO

“Love Cheema motors. The staff are wonderful.”

Bonnie Smith
Erie, CO

“The owner is very knowledgeable and will help you find the car that best fits your needs. I would recommend this dealership to my family and friends!”

Courtney Beers
Fort Collins, CO

“I want to start off by thanking Cheema Motors for being honest, transparent, and doing things right. This is a special Dealership and you feel it when you walk in the door. A true family owned and operated business that believes in what they do for the community. These guys and gals are representing Fort Collins the way it should be. Ike and Lavi have gone above and beyond in every way and they have far exceeded my expectations. Keep it up. A+”

Dal Kanton
Loveland, CO

“What can I say honest, professional, clean , fair prices and great customer service. I would highly recommend Cheema Motors!”

Shawlene Spear

“Wow, where do I begin... Iu2019ll start off with this: Ike is a man of his word. When he says heu2019ll take care of you, he will. Super smooth and easy process purchasing a vehicle from him. Zero pressure or any u201ccar salesmanu201d vibes. Lavi is also fantastic, she was able to secure me great financing for my situation and made the whole process a breeze. Would definitely recommend Cheema Motors.”

Liam Walton

“I had a great experience buying a car at Cheema. I have never purchased a vehicle from a dealer so I was nervous at first but the saleswoman made the process very easy and I felt good leaving the lot with my new (to me) vehicle. She was very thorough with providing up-to-date, thorough vehicle history info and was not pushy or trying to rush me into a purchase. I would recommend Cheema to friends and family for sure!”


“Went there 2 days in a row. Said I could ask any questions. Proceeded to let me get in and out of every car for several hours comparing cars on first day. Next day came back with sister. Tried out all the cars that I had narrowed down to. Let me then take them all for drive. Very pleasant no pressure sale. My sister also bought her car there.”


“Ike and Lavi are THE MOST AWESOME people ever and THE BEST in the car business. I got my 2017 Honda Civic from them, and its been everything expected. They were able to get the car payments price affordable for me. To be honest I didn't even test drive the car, I trusted their word and it paid off. Thanks Again Ike and Lavi!!”

Corey Childs
Honda Civic / Fort Collins, CO

“My experience with Cheema Motors was amazing. I had a great time purchasing a vehicle. The gentleman that assisted me provided great customer service along with his assistant. I will be purchasing from here again soon. Thank you!”

Jorge Rodriguez
Nissan 350Z / Denver, CO

“Definitely recommend if youu2019re in need of a vehicle to come here. They have absolutely great service and great and reliable vehicles. We were satisfied with everything they had to offer!”

Victor Rangel
Subaru Legacy / Longmont, CO

“It was our first time getting a car through a dealership, and Cheema motors made it so easy They didnu2019t push at all, they were so understanding and patient. Definitely would recommend checking Cheema motors out for anyone who is in the car market!”

Monica Maestas
Nissan Rogue / Fort Collins, CO

“Ike and Lavi are amazing! I got a great deal on a very reliable and nice car, despite my credit isnu2019t the best. Theyu2019re not interested in getting you into a car that only gets you to work and back. I love that theyu2019re locally owned and also get all their cars get thoroughly inspected by another locally owned auto shop, Louu2019s Autobahn on Lemay. I definitely recommend Cheema Motors to anyone looking for a vehicle.”

2014 Nissan Murano / Fort Collins, CO
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